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About us

Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Naftalan from Ivanić-Grad practices treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases (rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis), joint and spine diseases, and skin diseases (psoriasis and neurodermatitis). Top-level experts, healing properties of naftalan oil and various therapies and programmes are the reasons why numerous faithful guests and patients from Croatia and abroad give us their trust. We are especially attractive to the guests from Nordic countries, Germany, Russia, Italy…

Apart from treatment programmes, Special Hospital Naftalan is an ideal place for spa and wellness, and the proximity of Croatia’s capital attracts numerous citizens of Zagreb to Naftalan.

Today, Naftalan disposes of 137 beds, out of which 26 are luxury. The quality of service and naftalan’s uniqueness made Special Hospital renown in Europe and further. Apart from medical therapies, we developed cosmetic products based on naftalan: oils, creams and shampoos, which are produced by our subsidiary, Ivalan Terme. Our aim is to develop a cosmetic line that could completely satisfy the needs of people with dry or problematic skin.

Our trump is naftalan – known since time immemorial as a natural ally in preserving health and preventing diseases. The first to record healing properties of Naftalan was the famous world traveller Marco Polo, in the 13th century.

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