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Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Four specialists work in the Department for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, and they determine the optimal treatment programme for every patient, for:

  • Inflammatory rheumatic diseases
    • psoriatic arthritis
    • rheumatoid arthritis
    • anklyosing spondylitis
  • Post-traumatic and post-operative care
    • state after operative treatment of bones
    • state after operative treatment of spine
    • state after operative treatment of hips and knees
    • rehabilitation after spine and bone fractures
  • Degenerative changes of joints and spine and vertebrogenic pain syndromes
    • pain in neck and lower back
    • cervicobrachial syndrome
    • sciatica (symptomatic sciatica, spinal disc herniation)


A treatment programme is elaborated specifically for each patient, as our approach to patients is individual. The optimal treatment programme is determined after an examination by a specialist, and is altered during the treatment if necessary. The patient is constantly supervised by a physician and can consult him or her on improving the treatment.

A patient undergoes the number of therapies necessary for the treatment to progress (5-10 therapies per day).

During the stay at Naftalan, which lasts for a fortnight, a patient receives therapy 12 times, as rest is recommended on Sundays, which can be used for relaxing in our wellness centre, a bicycle ride or a one-day trip to some of the agritourisms in the surroundings. 

The most effective therapies for inflammatory rheumatic diseases are:

Iontophoresis with naftalan - introduction of naftalan to certain skin areas with the help of electrotherapy.

Sonophoresis - introduction of naftalan to certain skin areas with the help of ultrasound.

Massage - manual massage, underwater massage, lymph pressure

Phototherapy - UVA, UVB - combined with naftalan therapy when treating psoriasis.

Electrotherapy - shortwave current, Darsonvalization, electrostimulation, Galvanization, diadymanic currents, interferential current, TENS, iontophoresis, ultrasound + sonophoresis, laser

Magnet therapy - used every day with patients suffering from rheumatic illnesses

Medicinal gymnastics - performed as group or individual gymnastics in a gym with all the necessary equipment.

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